It's Time to Thrive in your Desert Season

We have all been deeply stung by the sharp wounds of rejection. At times we have felt unwanted, cast aside, mistreated, and abandoned by others. Perhaps you have experienced such bitterness and sorrow that you feel as though you may implode. 

We’ve all been there. We try to put on faces of good cheer when we are around others, but sometimes we just cannot mask the inner turmoil we feel. 

Have you ever wondered in the midst of your darkest moments if God really sees you? Have you found yourself questioning whether or not he really cares about your pain and suffering?

Imagine experiencing this type of rejection on a daily basis from someone within your own home. Picture yourself waking up each day to the devastating reality that you are unwanted, unwelcomed, and treated worse than the scum beneath your sandals. 

This is the resounding theme within the story of Hagar. As an Egyptian slave, she had no rights, and was completely at the mercy of her mistress Sarai. Hagar did not even have the rights to her own body, and had no choice but to sleep with her master Abram at the demand of Sarai, as an attempt to produce an heir for their family. 

Imagine being in Hagar’s shoes. No rights. No voice. No opinion on a delicate matter that clearly involved her. We can only imagine that she felt completely and utterly unseen

In this Bible study, we will walk through the tragic and unfortunate events of Hagar’s story, and find glimpses of hope in the midst of her suffering. Traces of cool springs in the midst of a piercing desert. 

As we walk in her sandals, we will also uncover the truth that God meets us in our own desert seasons, and walks with us through our difficult stories of hurt and rejection.


So get ready to be taken on a powerful journey.  A journey that will take us straight into the arms of the One who truly sees us.

A Comprehensive Online Bible Study

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A Comprehensive Online Bible Study

Beautiful Floral Prayer Journal

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Beautiful Floral Prayer Journal

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Special Bonus: Garments of Splendor Devotional and Bible Study Kit

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Special Bonus: Garments of Splendor Devotional and Bible Study Kit

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is the Desert Springs Bible study for?

    This Bible study is for any Christian woman with a desire to grow deeper in her faith. This Bible study specifically helps women discover how to trust God during seasons of difficulty.

  • How do I access this resource?

    This online Bible study is a digital product, so NO physical product will be sent to you. When you purchase the Desert Springs Bible study, you will be able to login to the Bible study course platform with a unique password that you create for yourself. Once you login, you can access the material anytime!

  • How long will it take to complete the Study?

    This is a self-paced Bible study, and you can take as long as you need to go through the material. It is designed as a five-day study, but those days do not have to be five consecutive days. You can do one lesson a day, or one lesson per week--whatever works in your schedule!

  • What do I need to complete this study?

    You will need a printer to print the Bible study and journal pages, internet access, and a Bible. That's it! I also recommend that you purchase a binder to put your Bible study pages in, or you can have the pages bound at your local print shop. If you desire to print the Scripture cards, I recommend using cardstock, and for the Bible journaling pages you can print them off using label paper or sticker paper.

  • How many copies of the Bible study can I make?

    You can make as many copies as you'd like! As long as you are using the pages for personal use, feel free to print as many pages as you need!

Meet the Instructor

Christin Baker is a former elementary teacher, curriculum writer, and is a passionate follower of Jesus. She seeks to help women discover their true identity, freedom, and beauty through the splendor of Christ. She blogs at

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    Christin Baker