Discover True Freedom and Forgiveness

A Closer Look at the Story of Eve

Have you ever read passages from God’s Word that seemed to leap off of the page? The more you dig into his Word, have you discovered more precious jewels of wisdom and understanding? With the turn of every page, the brilliance of these gems have the power to delight your soul like never before. In this Bible study study of the story of Eve, we can discover peace, freedom, and forgiveness through the power and strength of our great God.

Discover True Freedom in Christ

Dive into God's Word and explore the story of Eve, and discover healing and peace through your personal story of freedom and forgiveness!

This five-day Bible study includes video lessons, a Bible study workbook, a prayer journal, Bible journaling stickers, and Scripture cards!
Discover True Freedom in Christ

Video Lessons

The Beauty for Ashes study includes five video lessons to watch for each day of the Bible study.

*Watch the videos before diving into each Bible study lesson
Video Lessons

Bible Study Workbook

Includes a 15-page Bible study workbook

*There is also a FILLABLE version of this workbook included that you can use and write your reflections right into the PDF document!
Bible Study Workbook

Scripture Cards

Two pages of Scripture cards

*Also included are blank cards where you can write your own Scriptures. *There is also a set of FILLABLE Scripture cards where you can type your own favorite Scriptures!
Scripture Cards

Bible Journaling Stickers

Print these journaling stickers on white or transparent sticker paper!

Bible Journaling Stickers

Prayer Journal Options

Choose from two prayer journal cover options, or print them both!

Prayer Journal Options

Bonus Resource: Who I Am in Christ Daily Affirmations Journal

Use this prayer journal to meditate and reflect on Scriptures about who you are in Christ.

Includes 30 daily affirmations pages, plus two blank pages to write your own affirmation of who you are in Christ!
Bonus Resource:  Who I Am in Christ Daily Affirmations Journal

Bonus Video: How to Pray the Word of God

Discover a step-by-step strategy for praying Scripture

In this video you will uncover three powerful strategies to use as you pray God's Word over your life each day!
Bonus Video: How to Pray the Word of God

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is the Beauty for Ashes Bible Study for?

    This Bible study is for any Christian women with a desire to grow deeper in their faith. This is the first of many Beauty for Ashes Bible studies that will focus on the stories of various women in the Bible, and how we as women today can relate to their stories.

  • How do I access this resource?

    This online Bible study is a digital product, so NO physical product will be sent to you. When you purchase the Beauty for Ashes Bible study, you will be able to login to the Bible study course platform with a unique password what you create for yourself. Once you login, you can access the material anytime!

  • How long will it take to complete the Study?

    This is a self-paced Bible study, and you can take as long as you need to go through the material. It is designed as a five-day study, but those days do not have to be five consecutive days. You can do one lesson a day, or one lesson per week--whatever works in your schedule!

  • What do I need to complete this study?

    You will need a printer to print the Bible study and journal pages, internet access, and a Bible. That's it! I also recommend that you purchase a binder to put your Bible study pages in, or you can have that pages bound at your local print shop. If you desire to print the Scripture cards, I recommend using cardstock, and for the Bible journaling pages you can print them off using label paper or sticker paper.

  • How many copies of the Bible study can I make?

    You can make as many copies as you'd like! As long as you are using the pages for personal use, feel free to print as many pages as you need!

Go Deeper in God's Word

Draw closer to God through compelling Bible lessons and creative Bible journaling, and experience a study that will encourage you to take your relationship with God to a deeper level.

Meet the Instructor

Christin Baker is a former elementary teacher, curriculum writer, and is a passionate follower of Jesus. She seeks to help women discover their true identity, freedom, and beauty through the splendor of Christ. She blogs at

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    Christin Baker